Monday, September 7, 2009

BAGSdrive "Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two"

the one i got is the large one i believe.
size : width 15" x tall 10.5" x deep 6"
strap from the base of the flap including the hardware 16.5"

personally i like YSL bags, but i never really felt the urge to having one before.
i was in love with the downtown but i never managed to gather my effort in having one, i think the muse is classic and love it worn by other people but i don't think it's the right bag on me, and i'm obsessed with the besace but my obsession limited itself on browsing and dreaming, and i'm talking about me, a kinda girl that when she wants a bag, she will find it to the corner of the earth
but when i first saw the YSL muse two bag i was astonished, the tricolor was the first one i saw and it struck my heart that very moment
what i love about this certain tricolor is the linen edges makes the bag slouch, just the way i like it
i put the picture of this bag in "current obsession" list at my and i'm very glad to took it off the list some times ago :)

about the bag :
i think i first saw the bag at resort 2008, the blue croc nubuck suede was modeled by Kate Moss for the YSL print ad
the large one was was retailed $1,895 and the medium $1,645
the bag is made out of 3 leather combination and linen, the front part is magenta leather, the sides are dark blue leather, the back, bottom and flap is black leather, the edging are made out of linen which goes to function as the inside lining as well
i wasn't really keen on getting this at first because i see that i could have some trouble opening and closing the clasps, but well, i give it a try :p

leather and strap:
the bag's made of buffalo leather, i find it thick but somehow slouchy and i can smell the leather, love it!
the shoulder strap is a thick leather, and when it first came and i don't have anything inside, the strap always slide from my shoulder, especially because they thicken the leather on the space of the flap below the strap which purpose is to strengthen it and i have small shoulder, so the thicken part on the top flap kinda bulking me. though when i put my stuffs inside and weighed the bag down, i have no more problem, the bag don't slide anymore, so problem solved

hardware and closure :
the hardware is in gold and heavy, just the way i like it!
the main clasp can be a troublesome sometimes, if i don't push the toggle til it clicks, it would easily open up again. the two button on the sides of the main clasp is also helpful to not slouching the bag too much, but sometimes i prefer not to buttoned it so the bag will slouched on the sides, i guess it all comes down to each preferences

compartments :
there is one huge outer compartment with 3 toggle on the back of the bag
on the inside there's one huge zippered compartment in the middle, the sides were clasped to the middle part on the top sides of the bag, the bottom part is not clasped or sewed to anything, so it doesn't really separate the space
it's nice to place a laptop separately at the back side and some other things on the front, also there's no other zippered hardware so it wouldn't scratch my laptop. but it's kinda useless if you try to separate small things like wallet or pocket camera because in the end those stuffs will mingle in the bottom anyway

what i can fit in there :
actually i can fit a lot in there, but daily i only carry 1 wallet, 1 balenciaga coin purse for powder and blush, 1 balenciaga mini coin purse for changes, ysl cigarette holder, blackberry, ipod, keys, notepad.
i put my macbook 13" in the picture for reference how it fits nicely in the bag too.

durability :
i think this bag can stand a few toss around, although you have to be careful of the edge linen lining, it gets dirty very easily. the leather itself is very durable imo

where i wear this bag :
i certainly limit myself for using this bag on casual and business, it's a perfect bag to bring for shopping or working because the size allows me to carry my laptop in it.
and moms can use it as a diaper bag too
but it would not be a nice bag to carry for formal or dinner event i think
the variety of colour on it allows me to wear it with any colour wardrobe, well, i kinda don't care about colour managing my outlook anyway :p

after one week :
i love it! i thought i wasn't sure about keeping this bag before, but yeah i'm definitely keeping it.
it's light weight, it's huge, it has nice compartments, it has classic shape and the style will stay around

verdict :
this bag worth the pennies i spent, but i wasn't paying this in normal retail price

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Missy said...

great post! i'd love to own a YSL bag. Where did youg et your Chanel wallet from?

Designer bags for less:

bagcraze said...

thanks missy :)
i got my chanel wallet from a vintage designer shop, it's really nice and compact, save a lot of space when i'm using smaller bags

colleen said...

oh wow i'm into this YSL muse bag! it's the colors that draws me :) and i think this is the nicest out of all the YSL muse bags..question though; where can you get the YSL under retail in jkt? I would love to score one too if its possible!! pls do let me know :) and do you happen to own a designer boutique as well? the pictures u took seems to be in a dressing room..hehe..just guessing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, ysl muse II, its the nicest bag indeed, i've got mine from cult status (perth, WA), checkout there website as they have lots of ysl, balenciaga etc. Btw in Jakarta, u could find some amazing designer bags from shop called upstairs and socialite in Kebayoran, South of Jakarta. Good luck and happy hunting:)

Blogger said...

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